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Steve J. Gray's Homepage


Welcome to the personal pages of Steve J. Gray. I was born and grew up in Southern Ontario, Canada. Thirty-nine of those years in Brampton. I currently reside in Markham. I am a computer programmer, but have experience with computer hardware, support, and system administration.

In 1998 I created the MP3+G format and the first player for the PC. In 2000 I co-founded Tyrannosoft, which was a software company focused on Karaoke.

My current interest is in collecting and learning all aspects of vintage computers, hardware, software, and architecture, focusing on 8-bit Commodore machines. I have a particular fondness for the CBM-II line.

I have some software and hardware projects in the works or planned and hope to detail them here in the future.

You will also find software written by me. Most software is FREEWARE. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. If you want to report a bug please be sure to specify which program you are using, the version number and which operating system you are running it on (if appropriate). Please note: because the software is freeware I may not always be able to help you, but I will do my best.


My Software A collection of my windows software, including VB-Amp, SJGPlay, WinCron, Mimic, WinCDG, CBMXfer and more...
My Projects Things that keep me busy when I get a few spare moments (getting less and less these days)
My Collections My Vintage computer, collection. currently Commodore machines
Computer Info Specialized info pages for specific machines, such as the Commodore CBM-II, and OSI C4P
Misc Info/Other A place for things that don't fit in above
News A list of major additions and changes to this site

If you have any questions, bug reports, or suggestions you can e-mail me at

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