MTU Graphics Board for KIM/PET/CBM
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MTU Graphics Board for KIM/PET/CBM

These boards and software add bitmap graphics capability to the KIM/PET/CBM computers. I do not own these, I just scanned the manuals and are making them available here.

K-1007-1, Pet Interface Manual (10MB) Schematics (670K) Supplement (1MB)
K-1007-3, New Pet Interface Schematics (840K)
K-1008, Visible Memory Manual-pt1 (7MB) Schematics (2MB) Manual-pt2 (2MB)
K-1008-6, Integrated Visible Memory Manual (14MB) Schematics (3MB) Supplement (500K)
K-1008-8, Keyword Graphics Package Manual (11MB)
MTU Catalog B6, Fall 1980 (14MB)


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