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This is a list of my current, future, and completed Projects:

BX720D Create the ultimate CBM-II machine In Progress
UltraPET Create the ultimate PET machine In Progress
CBM-II IEC Connect IEC drives (1541/1571/1581/uIEC etc) to the CBM-II computers In Progress
SX-64 to DX-64 Build a "Commodore DX-64" by adding a second drive to a standard SX-64 Completed
C116 NTSC Convert a Commodore C116 from PAL to NTSC Completed
VCF PET ALIVE! Entry An Event to celebrate the PET. Get out your old machines and fire them up.. Completed

If you have any questions, bug reports, or suggestions you can e-mail me at sjgray@rogers.com

Updated: Apr 29/2010, 5:00pm EST