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Steve J. Gray's Software Page

WinCRON is a FREEWARE program that lets you schedule and control applications. It has a very flexible scheduler for running Applications whenever you want plus a scripting language that allows you to send keys to applications, check for windows, get user input, do comparisons, play media files, and much more.
Mimic is a FREEWARE "Multi-Interface, Multi-component" application with MediaPlayer, CD Player, Web Browser, FM Tuner, Clock with Timers, Calculator with Conversions, Notepad, plus companion Screensaver. Featuring advanced skin support, Mimic can look and feel like many other applications. It has many features!
VB-Amp is a FREEWARE MPEG audio player and media player program. VB-Amp includes source code for those interested in creating their own MP3 player using VisualBASIC and the DirectX Media engine or the Media Control Interface (MCI). Features include highly customizable skins, playlist, album covers, ID Tag, drag and drop, non-rectangular window.

Note: This is a subset of the Media Player component of my Mimic program. VB-Amp Pro and Mimic are able to share most player skins.
WinCDG is a FREEWARE MPEG audio and CDG File player. MP3 files are highly compressed cd-quality digital audio. CDG files contain instructions to display graphics in sync with the audio on a CD+G audio disc (such as the popular Karaoke CD's). WinCDG combines the two technologies.
FMTuner is a SHAREWARE program to control Packard-Bell (and compatible) FM Radio Tuner Cards. It even lets you change the interface to look like anything you want (your car radio for example). Allows unlimited station presets, has a sleep timer, and program scheduling. Original Cost: $15. Now FREE.
SJGPlay for Windows is a full featured FREEWARE Media Player. Originally an Audio CD Player, it has been expanded to play all kinds of media including: WAV, MID, KAR, MP3, AVI, MOV, MPG, MOD, XM, FLI, FLC, AU, SND files and more!
Lyrics can be added to all the above media formats, sync'd and displayed along with the file. You can create an "Album" of mixed media formats and use it as a Jukebox! Other features unique to the Windows version include the ability to completely customize the look of the player by re-arranging the order of the sections or removing them all together, and the capability of displaying digitized album covers. All data files are fully compatible with the DOS version.
SJGPlay for DOS is an easy to use freeware Audio CD Player. Some of its unique or special features are: Clean and simple yet versatile display, fully programmable, supports multiple CD-ROM drives, saves track titles and programming for all your CD's, lets you edit, synchronize, and play back song lyrics, has a large font for Karaoke-like functions, has a scope and frequency analyzer, is controllable via the DOS command line or batch files, and MUCH more.
Number Puzzle Solver This program lets you Enter, Load, Save, Print and Solve the popular Su Doku number puzzles. Solves MOST puzzles except fiendish ones. This is a work in progress. There are still some bugs to iron out. When I get some more time I will add a puzzle generator option.
Fixed Field to CSV Converter Converts Fixed-Field text files to Comma Separated (CSV) files. Works using a filter file that defined the columns. A range of records can be processed based on a KEY field or record range. You can define up to 9 mini lookup tables to do simple substitutions. Work in progress.
CBMXfer A GUI Front-end to several commodore file transfer utilities, such as OpenCBM, CBMLink, and C1541. Based on the program GUI4CBM4WIN. Written in VB6. Work in progress.

Please give them a try and let me know what you think! If there are any features you would like to see just e-mail me!

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If you have any questions, bug reports, or suggestions you can e-mail me at

Updated: Oct 1/2009, 4:00pm EST