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Oct 1/2009 My web site has yet another new home as Geocities is closing. Many thanks to Mike from for the new space!
July 2007 I am now the proud daddy of a bouncing baby boy!!! Looks like plans will have to be put on hold for a while...
Sept 15/2006 My web site has a new home at Geocities. I have left Ryerson for hopefully better things! More info to come as things develop. This may turn out to be a temporary location as I am hoping to get a new domain in the near future. File downloads are not available at this time, so if you are looking for anything you can try my old page here. Unfortunately I can no longer change that page and I do not know how long it will be available.
Mar 19/2004 Miss me? ;-) A status update... As you may know, I spent the summer of 2000 preparing and developing for a new commercial venture called Tyrannosoft. Initially we were contacted by a major Karaoke distributor looking to develop a viable online MP3+G song distribution service... We started working on a product but when the deal fell through we turned it into WinCDG 1.0 and marketed it on our own. I was so busy I had no time to work on my other projects. Shortly after I started dating my future wife-to-be and by 2002 had no time for even Tyrannosoft. So, that's why I've been missing from these pages. Married, with a new home and a new life. Once things settle down (ya, right) I should be getting back to some of those old projects and maybe some new ones. As always, comments and suggestions are appreciated. I won't know what to work on without some feedback...
Aug 10/2000 Not much to report. This is just to let you know I'm still actively working on the programs but have been sidetracked lately on another project. I am still doing minor updates here and there as needed. As always, comments or suggestions are welcome. I may not be able to get to them right away but I do save all feedback for later.
Feb 6/2000 Released WinCDG 0.60 Beta3. New: Scalable display window, separate control window, smooth scrolling. Many other new features!
Jan 10/2000 Released Mimic 1.10. New: WebRadio, Karaoke Lyrics
Nov 22/1999 My system was hit by a virus and as a result I have removed all infected files from my site. I will re-release the files when I have fully repaired my system. Sorry for the problems...
Nov 21/1999 Released Mimic 1.02 and VB-Amp Pro 1.06DX
Mimic now has CD-Player, Web Browser, and Screensaver
Both now support skins with transparent bitmaps.
Sept 30/1999 Updated Web pages. Added programmer info for VB-Amp. Split skins page into categories. Official notice that development of SJGPlay (for dos and windows) has been halted.
July 31/1999 Released Mimic 1.00
Mimic is a "Multi-Interface, Multi-Component" application that combines the best of VB-Amp and FMTuner, and adds a Clock with 10 timers, Calculator with Unit Conversion, and a Notepad... all "skinnable". Give it a try!
Jun 5/1999 Released WinCron 1.35 BETA for 16-bit Windows.
Note: Unless I get positive feedback, the 16-bit version will no longer be developed.
If you have a comment or suggestion regarding the 16-bit version please e-mail me ASAP!

Released VB-Amp Pro 1.04.
New: Bug fixes, add directory/file on startup.
May 17/1999 Released WinCron 1.34
New: String variables, Logged messages, Improved file commands, fixed tray icon.
Feb 21/1999 Released VB-Amp Pro 1.03 plus Skin Converter and Winamp skin Viewer
New: Winamp skin loading, improved ID Tag display plus editing!.
Jan 24/1999 Released WinCron 1.33
New: Can now activate windows using wildcard search. Fixed $SKIPTO command.
Jan 13/1999 Released VB-Amp Pro V1.02
New: More indicators for better status displays, working volume indicator and....
Continuous playback (up to 10 seconds mixing of two tracks)! More bug fixes.
Jan 9, 1999 Released VB-Amp Pro V1.01
New: Multiple region skins and volume control. Bug fixes..
Users should delete their old BMP skins and download the 1.01 skins.
Jan 1, 1999 Released VB-Amp Pro V1.00 with source
Dec 13, 1998 Released VB-Amp Pro PREVIEW
Features: Fully customizable skins, non-rectangular windows, clock Visual Playlist Selector. Example skins also available.
I'm looking for feedback! Try it out and e-mail me your comments!
Dec 5, 1998 Released WinCron 1.32, removed BETA version.
New: WaitWindow, Dial, Enable/Disable commands.
Nov 15, 1998 Released VB-Amp 0.18
New: Brand new layout and look! Add A-B repeat.
Nov 14/1998 Released WinCron BETA. I will make available BETA versions to fix known bugs. Beta's will include only the EXE file and will be released when fixes are minor and do not warrent a new release. User-suggested improvements may be included for testing before being officially released and documented.
Nov 8, 1998 Released VB-Amp 0.17
New: Add directory, misc fixes.
Oct 20, 1998 Released WinCron 1.31b. Bugfix release.
Oct 10, 1998 Released WinCron 1.31. Complete release including setup and runtimes now available
New: Fixed message popup. Scripts can now be run from explorer!
Oct 5, 1998 Released WinCron 1.30
Many new features!: Play media files, display pictures. 10 separate timers.
Shutdown windows command. More scripting feaures.
Sept 28/1998 Released WinCron 1.27
Bug fixes. New: A few more internal script commands.
Sept 27/1998 Released WinCron 1.26
New: Scripting features.
Sept 12, 1998 Released WinCron 1.25 for Windows 3.1
Has all the features of the Win95 version except: tray icon, drag-and-drop, and stealth mode
Sept 9/1998 WinCron 1.25 Updated.
Minor update to WinCron to fix $SEND bug.
Sept 8/1998 WinCron 1.25 released!
New: Internal variables allow passing of date/time/count etc. More config options.
Sept 8/1998 FMTuner note: RadioTrack support will be delayed. It seems the RadioTrack card I received is a NEW type, and is not fully compatible with the older card (or so it seems). The 'other' radio card software available doesn't seem to control it eaither... the card is very small (and the board is not rectangular) and doesn't look like any of the card pictures I've seen on the web... I will have to hunt around for an older version somewhere...
Aug 22/1998 FMTuner 1.00 released!
Full skin support and many new preferences settings. Don't forget to visit the skin download page to get some skins too! FMTuner is shareware and the cost is $15.
Aug 19/1998 WinCron 1.20 made available again.
Aug 18/1998 Updated FMTuner page to give you a glimpse of the skins! Read the documentation file to learn how easy it is to make your own skins. The program is almost done and rather than delay even more we have decided to release the program without RadioTrack support. Look for the official release this weekend! Radiotrack support and additional features will be added later.
Aug 11/1998 Temporarily removed WinCron 1.20 due to exe dependency issues.
Hopefully it will be available again shortly.
Aug 9/1998 Released WinCron 1.20
New: Added ability to send keyboard commands to applications that are running. Added command-line selection of task list file.
Aug 2/1998 FMTuner status
We are still working on FMTuner. I now have a RadioTrack card and we are currently adding support for it. The big news is that FMTuner will support advanced Skins, that will allow you to create your own interfaces. It's looking really good, and we've already created some neat skins to really show off the program. We are hoping to release the program in about a week and the cost will most likely be $10.

If you are interested in the program please let us know!
Jul 9/1998 Released WinCron 1.11
Fixes "midnight" bug. Adds save tasklist option.
Jul 7/1998 Released FMTuner PREVIEW
Fully functional, limited to 5 minutes operation at a time.
Jul 5/1998 Released WinCron 1.10
New: Options, Tray Icon/Menu, more internal commands, stealth mode. Now saves window position/size and settings.
--------> PREVIEW: FMTuner now in development.
Controls Aztech/Packard-Bell FM tuner cards.
Jun 6, 1998 Released VB-Amp 0.16
New: Drag and Drop files to playlist.
May 16, 1998 Updated VB-Amp page with instructions on how to enable MCI driver under WindowsNT.
May 10, 1998 Released VB-Amp 0.15
New: Tray icon, prefs, always on top mode, windowshade, bitmap loading, Mod support.
Minor updates to most pages.
May 7, 1998 Added link to MS Media Player 5.2 BETA. Installation gives SJGPlay/VB-Amp the ability to play many new formats including RealAudio files!
May 4, 1998 Added DirectX Media Runtimes to Download page.
Apr 27, 1998 Re-organized entire home page. Now uses frames. Each program now has it's own page.
Added Download and News pages.
Released SJGPlay V0.52 for Windows. Now uses VB5 runtimes. Full install now available.
New: CDG support, custom MCI tab. Improved media file info.
Released WinCron V1.01. Now uses VB5 runtimes.
Released VB-Amp V0.14. New: Saves playlists, Album cover.
Released WinCDG V0.52. Minor changes.

If you notice any mistakes or broken links please let me know!

If you have any questions, bug reports, or suggestions you can e-mail me at

Updated: Oct 1/2009, 4:00pm