The C116 PAL to NTSC Conversion Project
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The C116 PAL to NTSC Conversion Project


Welcome! This is a project to convert a standard Commodore C116 computer from PAL to NTSC.

Parts Needed

The best place to get the parts is from a dead NTSC Plus/4 computer. Most "dead" machines are due to a defective TED chip.


There is not much to this one. De-solder the 17.734 MHz crystal at Y1 and replace it with the 14.31818 MHz Crystal. Remove the C116 Kernal ROM (U4) and replace with Kernal ROM from the Plus/4 (found at U24).

This will give you correct NTSC output from the video connector. You may need to adjust CT1.


COMPLETED! Sept 25/08


Last updated: Oct 21/2009, 12:15pm EST

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