The IEC for B-Series Project
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The CBM-II IEC Project Page


Welcome to the "CBM-II IEC Project Page"! The CBM-II machines, like the PET/CBM that came before it, use the IEEE interface to connect to disk drives, printers etc. Unfortunately IEEE drives are harder and harder to find these days, whereas drives like the 1541 (IEC interface) are common. This is a project to allow you to connect a 1541 or other IEC device (such as 1541-III, uIEC etc) to the CBM-II computers.


Most of the hard work has been done already in the form of a replacement kernal by Ullrich von Bassewitz (homepage here). Sourcecode is provided. For those that don't want to open their machines, the IEC code is also contained in a cartridge called These are great but there are a few problems... the replacement kernal is for PAL machines and the moni610 only allows IEC communications while working in the monitor.


Included in the replacement kernal zip is the schematics to build an adapter cable that uses the cassette port on the computer.

Project Goals

Here are the goals of the project:


The interface cable has been constructed. Both replacement kernal and moni610 roms have been burned for testing. I have several blank cartridges (Thanks Anders) and a supply of EPROM waiting to be burned. The code and cable have been verified to work together. We now have a starting point for development.

Coding has not started. If you are interested in this project or have ideas please contact me.


Last updated: Oct 1/2009, 4:00pm EST

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