The SX-64 to DX-64 Conversion Project
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The SX-64 to DX-64 Conversion Project


Welcome! This project is an attempt to create a "Commodore DX-64" computer by adding a second drive to a standard SX-64 computer. There were only a few real DX-64 machines ever made as prototypes, and there is some debate about how the dual drives functioned. On the SX-64 the drive is labelled "Drive 0" and the empty slot is labelled "storage". One might assume on a DX-64 that the second drive would be labelled "Drive 1". This would lead us to believe that the internal drives behaved like the old Commodore 4040-type dual drives, where there is ONE device number (ie: device 8) for both drives, and each is accessed using D0 and D1. That would suggest commodore had a dual-drive FDD controller board. However, no evidence I am aware of supports this, so in all likelyhood the drives were setup to be accessed as TWO device numbers, example DRIVE 8 and DRIVE 9.

This project assumes separate drive numbers. This is means we can build a "DX-64" by "simply" adding a second FDD controller board and drive mechanism.

If you are the lucky owner of a REAL DX-64 please contact me!

Parts Needed


The construction pictures are hosted on Please check
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Things to watch out for:


COMPLETED! Started Oct 16th, 2008 at 1pm and was completed at 6pm the same day.


Last updated: Oct 20/2009, 12:00pm EST

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