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My Entry for the VCF PET ALIVE Event 2010


Welcome. This is my entry for the Vintage Computer Forum's "PET ALIVE!" Event 2010. Everyone was encouraged to get out their old PET computers and fire them up. For this event I thought I'd bring out a few of the more rare machines from my collection. Most of my machines are packed away except for the 8296D, which is part of my ongoing "UltraPET" project. Check the links above for more info on my projects and my Commodore collection.

First and Last

This picture shows the "first" PET, and the "last" PET. On the left is the original metal-cased PET 2001 with built-in cassette and calculator-style keyboard. This PET is working but can be troublesome at times. The keyboard is in rough shape visually, but is fine functionally. On the right is the final PET incarnation the 8296D. The "D" standing for built-in disk drives, ala 8250LP-type. The case is all plastic, nicely rounded, with swivel monitor and separated keyboard. Some consider this the sexiest computer ever built. This machine is working nicely but is a 220V model, so I use a step-up transformer to power it here in Canada.

School PET's

Next up is my "school-theme" pets. On the left is the SuperPET. A standard 8032 PET with an additional processor and extra memory. Designed at the University of Waterloo, it came with multiple programming languages and the ability to connect to a mainframe. The extra 6809 processor was considered one of the most powerful 8-bit CPU made. This machine is working great. On the right, is the "Teacher's PET". This is a PET 2001 Professional, with normal keyboard, 32K ram, and Waterloo BASIC in ROM. The faceplace indicates that it was donated by Commodore for the teacher to use in the computer lab/classroom. This machine is also working great.

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