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CBMXfer is a front-end to several command-line utilities for transferring files and working with disk images. CBMXfer makes using those utilities easy by providing a familiar windows interface that removes the need to learn the commandline syntax of each program. CBMXfer also includes a multi-format file and picture viewer.

The commandline utilities are:

What can I do with it?

CBMXfer is based on GUI4CBM4WIN (G4C from now on) by Leif Bloomquist, Wolfgang Moser, and Spiro Trikaliotis. G4C 0.4.1 source code was used as a starting point for CBMXfer. Most of the G4C code has been heavily modified or rewritten. The viewer also contains portions of code from CBM2BMP 1.1 by Peter Weighill.

CBMXfer was created separate from G4C for several reasons...

What Do I Need?




Current release: CBMXfer 0.30.7 (Mar 20,2011)

New Features:


Here are links to the programs you need and other information:

User Feedback!

I welcome all feedback, positive or negative, comments, suggestions, or requests for features! Thanks!

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