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FMTuner logo "FM Radio Card Software for Windows 95"

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FMTuner is a FREE program (previously shareware) to control ISA-type FM radio cards from Aztech and Packard-Bell. It stores all your favorite stations along with the station call sign, slogan, or short description. Store as many preset stations as you want! FMTuner scans up/down to search for active stations. Have unlimited On/Off "events" to change channels at specific times. Snooze turns off radio after a preset time. Many preference settings.


I am no longer working on FMTuner for several reasons:

The program is no longer supported so I am making the software FREE. Here is a registration code you can use to register the software:

User Name: Free Reg
Code: 99999-08756-76998

Unfortunately I really stopped working on the software long ago, so the program only works on Win95 or Win98. There are no updates for NT, 2000 or XP. If you have problems running the software on these systems you are out of luck. I can't support the program. NT users please see below.

Steve, Nov 3/2003


I have now released a program called MIMIC. Mimic is a Multi-component application with advanced skins. FMTuner is now fully integrated into Mimic along with some enhancements and some new skin features (note that the Auto function of Mimic is not yet complete). Also, Mimic includes support for the AimsLabs RadioTrack I and II cards and works on Windows NT. So, if you are interested in FMTuner but also want to play media files, or have a RadioTrack card or NT, please check out Mimic!

If you have registered FMTuner your registration code is also valid for Mimic!

Not sure which of my software is best for you? Try HERE for a comparison chart.


FMTuner supports loadable interface "skins". Skins let you totally change the look of the FMTuner window! With an easy to understand skin control file you can define the size and placement of all the buttons, text, and other controls. You don't even need to include all elements... use only the ones you want. One of the most powerful skin features is skin "linking" which lets you load up to two alternate skins to give the appearance of skins that change dynamically! You can also define the outline of the window to create non-rectangular interfaces! Here are some examples:

FMTuner with skin #1 FMTuner with skin #3
FMTuner with skin #2

Click HERE to download skins!

Click HERE to read how to make your own skins!



Take a look at the Readme file for instructions.


FMTuner is written in VisualBASIC Professional, and requires the VB runtimes to be properly installed in your system. A complete release including setup and runtimes is available. If you already have the runtime files you can download just the minimum files (no setup program or runtimes).


fmt100.zip 1.7M1.00Aug 22/98Complete release with setup and runtimes
fmt100u.zip 72K1.00Aug 22/98Minimum release. No setup. Requires VB5 runtime files!

Click HERE to download skins!

Discontinued: Nov 3/2003

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