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Mimic Logo Windows 95 compatible Windows NT compatible

"Multi-Interface Media-player with Integrated Components"

Mimic is a multi-interface, multi-component application. Included components:

  • Media and CD Player
  • FM Tuner
  • Clock with timers
  • Calculator with unit conversions
  • Notepad
  • Web Browser
  • Web Radio
  • Screensaver (independent SCR file)

Using "skin" technology the program can mimick the look of other similar applications. Mimic contains one of the most powerful and flexible skin engines of any application, while still being easy to use and taking up very little hard drive space (compared to other applications' skins).

Mimic is FREEWARE.

As a Media and CD Player...
Mimic Player
Mimic Notepad
Mimic Calculator
Mimic Clock
FM Tuner
Mimic FM Tuner
Web Browser
Mimic Web Browser
Web Radio
Web Radio

Note: The screen-shots above are from the "DELUXE" skin set, which is available separately!

Not sure which of my software is best for you? Try HERE for a comparison chart. If you want to know how Mimic evolved from my other software and how media files are played in Windows click HERE.


Common Features:

Media and CD Player:

FM Tuner:





Web Browser:

Web Radio: (NEW!)


I am no longer actively developing Mimic due to other commitments. It is possible I may resume work at a later date. If you wish to use the FM Radio capabilities of Mimic you may use the free registration code found on the FMTuner page.


To make use of the program you will require the following:


mimic110.zip 2.2M1.10Jan 10/2000 Mimic, complete release. Now using VB6
Note: This release includes only a single player skin. I suggest you download
the DELUXE skin set, which includes skins for all components! For WebRadio the DELUXE WEBRADIO skin.
mimic103b3.zip 310K1.03B3Dec 17/99 Mimic BETA exe with SJGPlay 0.60beta (VB6 version) and new skins... If you want to use the lyrics features of V1.10 download this for SJGPlay.


Mimic skins are available archived with a screenshot on the skins download page.

Mimic supports Winamp skins... Here are some sources:

With a little work, skins designed for most other "skinable" players, clocks, calculators and notepad programs can be adapted to work with Mimic!

Made an original skin? Why not submit it so everyone can see your creation?! If it's good enough maybe it will become the new default Mimic skin...

If you have any questions, bug reports, or suggestions you can e-mail me at sjgray@rogers.com

Updated: Oct 1/2009 4:00pm EST