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I got hooked on the "Number Puzzle" from the free Metro newspaper I would read while travelling on the "GO" Train to work each day. I decided to write my own solver, hence "Number Puzzle Solver". Later I would find these had an actual name -- Su Doku. You can enter puzzles you find in the paper then save them and print them for friends. The program also solves them for you or lets you solve on your own. I added a "hints" feature that shows you valid numbers for each square using 9 coloured dots. I am still working out a few bugs and plan to add a puzzle generator when I get some more time.


Windows 98 or higher. This program is written in VB6 and requires the VB runtimes. There is no installer yet. You can find the runtimes with some of my other software.


NPS12.ZIP - FREEWARE, Version 1.2, May 7/05. Some sample files are included.

Updated: Oct 1/2009, 4:00pm EST