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"MP3 and Media Player using ActiveMovie2/MediaPlayer" For Win 95/98/NT/XP
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VB-AMP Picture

Visual Playlist Selector

VB-Amp Pro is a complete media player. I put it together to demonstrate how easy it is to play MP3 files using the Microsoft MediaPlayer engine. Source code is included for those that want to see how it's done. Programmers are welcome to contribute code/features in order to improve the program. Please contact me for details!


VB-Amp has spawned a new program called..... MIMIC

Mimic (Multi Interface Mediaplayer with Integrated Components) has all the features of VB-Amp Pro plus; FM Tuner, Web Browser, Web Radio, Clock with Timers, Calculator with Conversions, Notepad, and more! VB-Amp Pro 1.05 and Mimic will be able to share player skins. Check out Mimic at this link!!! Hope you like it.!

Not sure which of my software is best for you? Try HERE for a comparison chart. If you want to know how VB-Amp fits in with my other software and how media files are played in Windows click HERE.


I originally started VB-Amp as a demonstration tool for MP3 and VisualBASIC. Over time the program has evolved into a fairly complete player with some unique features. A lot of hard work has gone into the program. I don't mind people using my code in their own programs but I do have a few guidelines I would like to clarify...

If you have questions or concerns please contact me!


Playback based on DirectX driver


Playback based on MCI driver

(*) See SJGPlay page for MCI information!


VB-Amp Pro is written using VisualBASIC Professional, and requires the VB runtimes to be properly installed in your system. VB-Amp will not run without the runtime files.

To make use of the program you will require the following:


vbap106.zip 1.9MB1.06Nov 21/99 Complete release with setup. DirectX playback engine.
Does NOT contain source code! [NEW]

Note: Most V1.04 skins are NOT compatible with 1.06! Please update your skins!
Includes only a single player skin, so you will probably want to download the
DELUXE skin set to see all the features in action!
vbap106s.zip 158K1.06Nov 21/99 Source (VB6) and executable. DirectX playback engine. [NEW]
vbap104.zip 146K1.04Jun 5/99 MCI-based playback engine. 32-bit executable with source.
Use the skins below, NOT on the skins page!
vbaskins104.zip 365K - - A collection of skins for VB-Amp Pro 1.04 ONLY!
vbapscv.zip 25K1.00Feb 21/99 Winamp skin converter and viewer. 32-bit exe with source.

Other related code:

skinapp.zip 33KSteveMay 22/2000 Sourcecode for Skinnable VB Application. If you want to make Skinnable VB applications this is the code to get you started without having to try to understand or use VB-Amp. This code was re-written from scratch but is very similar to VB-Amp's basic skinning functionality. Freeware. All I ask for is a credit if you use it!


VB-Amp Pro 1.06 skins are available on the Mimic/VB-Amp skins Page. Each skin is zipped with a screenshot. Note: Only the "player" skins can be used in VB-Amp Pro. Go to the skins download page.

VB-Amp Pro supports Winamp skins... Here are some sources:

With a little work skins designed for most other "skinable" players can be adapted to work with VB-Amp (see sample skins above). Also, if you have a favorite Winamp skin but it's missing some features that are found in VB-Amp (clock, album-cover etc) why not convert it to VB-Amp format using the skin converter (also above)!

Made an original skin? Why not submit it so everyone can see your creation?! If it's good enough maybe it will become the new default VB-Amp skin...


Other Players based on VB-Amp Source

If you see other players based on VB-Amp (credited or uncredited) please inform me. If you are distributing programs and/or ripping me off without credit I WILL find out... :-) Some of the above players may no longer be available or their homepages may have relocated... if you know of thier status or new URL please let me know!

If you have any questions, bug reports, or suggestions you can e-mail me at sjgray@rogers.com

A note about e-mail: I respond to every e-mail I receive within a day or two. Occasionally I receive an e-mail that I can not reply to... please check your e-mail setup when mailing via a web browser! If you don't hear from me try again in a few days.

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