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WinCRON logo "Task Scheduler and Application Controller" (Win 3.1/95/NT/2000/XP)
WinCRON main window WinCron is a program scheduler and application controller. You can have it run a program at the same time each day, or every hour, or only on weekends etc. Using WinCron you can send keyboard commands to applications that are running in order to control the application. It is very flexible.

** WinCron is fully Year2000 compliant **

Edit task window



Development is on hold. I am looking for feedback on future ideas/directions for the program. If you use WinCron and/or have a comment please drop me a line.

This is not the only "WinCron" out there. The name is used on a couple other scheduling-type programs, but I believe mine was the first to use the name. This program is more than just a "CRON" so perhaps a better name is in order. If you can think of one please let me know.


WinCron was written using VisualBASIC Professional, and requires the VB runtimes to be properly installed in your system. If you already have the runtimes on your system simply download the executables only, if not download the complete install package.

NOTE: Most sources for VB runtime do NOT include all the components required to run WinCron. If you are uncertain please download the FULL release!


32-Bit version for Win95/98/NT/Win2000

wcrn140.zip 2.2M1.40 Apr 22/2000 32-bit. Full Release. Includes Setup and VB6 Runtimes.
New: Now compiled with VB6. New main window layout with detailed task list.
IMPORTANT!: On some NT4 systems you may experience a problem installing the program. If you do PLEASE email me and let me know which service pack you have installed so I may track down the problem. See below for an alternate installer.
wcrn140u.zip 77K1.40 Apr 22/2000 32-bit. Update. EXE and DOCS only. Requires VB6 runtimes!
wcrn134.zip 2.3M1.34 May 17/1999 32-bit. Full Release. Includes Setup and VB5 Runtimes.
wcrn134u.zip 83K1.34 May 17/1999 32-bit Update Release.
wc_samp.zip 4K--- Mar 13/1999 Sample tasks and scripts.

WinCron140.exe 2.5M1.40May 2/2000 Alternate install. Download and install ONLY if the standard install does NOT work for you!
This install was graciously assembled by Josh Assing and is stored on his site not mine. It is provided temporarily while I investigate why my standard install fails on some machines. Please Note: I am unable to help with any installation problems should they occur.

16-Bit version for Win3.1x

wcrn125s.zip32K1.25bSept 12/98 16-bit executable. Requires VB4 runtimes.
wc16beta.zip 54K1.35betaJun 5/99 16-bit Beta.[NEW]

NOTE!: Version 1.35 will most likely be the last release available for 16 bit, unless I get positive feedback that people are still using the 16-bit version. If you have a comment please e-mail me!


Script Page

Check the scripts page for some useful scripts. Maybe you will find one you can use and that will save you from having to write your own. Submissions are welcome. If you have a script you would like to share please send it along so others can benefit!


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If you have any questions, bug reports, or suggestions you can e-mail me at sjgray@rogers.com

Updated: Nov 5/2009, 3:40pm EST